A free trial period

Our commitment: a free four-month product trial after installation, configuration and training.

Your commitment: cost compensation for our on-site training and consultancy services.

We offer you a free trial period, because we understand that you will have certain expectations, but not really comprehend what impact the software will have on your quoting performance. You won't know how well it will be accepted by the quoting team, or what the overall bottom-line result will be of your QuoteArchitect implementation. On the one hand, your quoting engineers will be using very powerful tools, which will dramatically increase their day-to-day productivity and improve the quality of your company's quotations. On the other hand, the tool will have an impact on existing trusted, tried and tested processes.

The trial period gives the team time to use the self-learning capabilities of BOMArchitect and PACE to bring BOM processing up to speed.  
It gives you time to set up the vendor API interfaces and to configure the Virtual Factory with the required company information, after which you can decide whether the envisaged increase in quoting productivity and accuracy can actually be achieved.

We allow you to make a balanced decision by offering you a free four-month product trial after installation, configuration and training!

How it works

The configuration of the virtual factory, the implementation of the required procedural changes, operator training and building confidence with the new tools will take time and effort. The engineers must also learn how to use the new tools effectively. Ultimately, everyone involved must be confident that the results from QuoteArchitect are both correct and reliable.