PACE, the ERP twin for technical part data


Most EMS providers have a well-organized inventory, logistics and financial parts database within their MRP/ERP system. It contains valuable and indispensable part code information, but it is generally not developed to manage large amounts of technical data sets.

In addition, it isn't considered a good idea to store unused “unknown” part code information in the MRP/ERP system, as this wastes time and slowly pollutes the system with unused information, ultimately affecting its performance.


PACE manages all technical part code data company-wide.

Engineering, production and testing are not possible without extensive technical information.

An unfortunate fact is that often the technical part code information is not particularly well managed. Specific pieces of technical information are collected by individuals when required and stored on different systems at widely spread locations.


The proliferation of technical part data ultimately leads to chaos and multiplication of data from uncontrolled sources. A notorious issue is part code data sheets from different revision levels being used in different departments; this unavoidably leads to catastrophic errors and associated financial and commercial damage.

Not to mention the threat of losing a valuable customer as a result of data chaos.