Why slow quotes cost a fortune

Submitted by Jan Keijzer on
  • It is crucial that providers of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) submit fast and accurate quotations to their customers. In particular, the importance of short RFQ response times should not be underestimated. For large OEMs, the total cost of a product entry delay can ultimately reach millions, meaning that RFQ response delays affecting a product introduction can ultimately cost your customer a fortune.
    On the other hand, most EMS providers have very little chance to improve their current (largely manual) quotation methods. On the contrary, the gap between RFQ response requirements for speed and accuracy and daily practice is growing by the day.
    The white paper "Why slow quotes cost a fortune" provides insight into the cost consequences for both OEMs and EMS as a result of long lead times for quotations and what can be done to improve the situation.

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