A free trial period.

Our commitment:

We offer you a free trial period because we understand that you will have expectations but no real idea about what impact the software will have on your quoting performance. How well it will be accepted by the quoting team. Or what the overall bottom-line results will be of your QuoteArchitect implementation. On one hand, your quoting engineers will get very powerful tools dramatically increasing their day-to-day productivity and improving the quality of your companies quotations. On the other hand, it will have an impact on the existing tried and trusted processes.

The trial period allows time for the team to use the self-learning capabilities of BOMArchitect and PACE to bring BOM processing up to speed.  
It allows you time to set up the vendor API interfaces and to configure the Virtual Factory with the required company information after which you can check if the envisaged increase in quoting productivity and accuracy can really be achieved.

We offer you the time to make a balanced decision by offering a free four-month product trial after installation, configuration and training!

How it works.

The configuration of the virtual factory, the implementation of the required procedural changes, the training of the operators and the building of confidence in the new tools will take time and effort. Also, the engineers must learn how to make effective use of the new tools. In the end, everyone involved must be confident that the results from QuoteArchitect are both correct and reliable.

We will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and a trial period agreement (TPA) in which is defined which configuration will be implemented, what the planning is and what our mutual expectations and obligations are.

Then we will install the software, make the MRP/ERP connection and successively start training the contributing operators.

For QuoteArchitect-PCA we will provide you with scenario documents, checklists and preparation instructions for the Virtual Factory configuration. This provides a structured way to the collection of all the required information from finances, operations and processes and the subsequent QuoteArchitect configuration and implementation.

For the trial period, one of our consultants will be allocated to your company. Our consultants have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in electronics contract manufacturing at a technical/financial management level. They know what they are talking about and they know the QuoteArchitect tools inside out. The trial period starts when everything is set up correctly and everyone is trained.

You gradually build your QuoteArchitect ecosystem

QuoteArchitect allows you to implement step-by-step clearly defined functional modules without disrupting your organisation and let you enjoy the growing efficiency improvements from day one. You will start with BOMArchitect for Bill-of-Materials processing in combination with PACE for technical part data management. In the next steps, which may be spread over time, you may add material and/or production cost analysis and calculation. And ultimately, if desired, the quotation generation as such.

Your commitment.

Your commitment is the cost of our (on-site) consultancy services. During these consultancy days, we will assist you with the QuoteArchitect implementation and verification. This includes the MRP/ERP system connection, the connections to external part vendor API's and portals, the virtual factory setup and the training sessions and first trial runs. Our online software support will be active for the entire trial period.

At the end of the trial, the licenses will automatically expire unless you decide to continue with a QuoteArchitect configuration. Then we will extend the requested licenses for the next 12 months paid subscription.