Quote Calculation and Reporting  

QCR 60%NF.pngQuoteArchitect-QCR

The Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry is a cost-plus industry so it is important that your costing models are accurate.

The costing modules QuoteArchitect PCA and MCA both fulfil this requirement.




The final step in quote generation is to calculate your sales prices, executed in the QuoteArchitect-QCR module; independently whether you are using Cost-Based Pricing or Value-Based Pricing. In both cases is knowing exactly what your costs are the vital element for the correct calculation of your sales prices.

The QCR module is in the development stage and no release date has yet been set.

We listen to our users. Based on their feedback about the everyday experiences with the QuoteArchitect costing modules we develop the QCR module. In the meantime you can use the costing results from QA-MCA and QA-PCA in your current quote generation methodology.