PACE; database for technical component data

PACE and ERP 75%.PNG

The cost calculations in QuoteArchitect require particular key information from every individual part code in the BOM to quote on. Not only the "known parts" in the company systems (MRP/ERP), but in particular the “unknown” part codes must be investigated to define the technical consequences and the cost and delivery time impact on the quote.

The "unknown" part codes in a BOM, in new designs often in the majority, must also be analysed in more detail for assembly technology, life cycle status, RoHS and REACH compliance, potential production risks (PSL level issues) and electrical test information. While this work has to be done in BOMArchitect for every new BOM, the key information from every part code is automatically stored in the highly specialized and easy to handle PACE part code database. Once stored the data can be used for every new BOM or BOM revision from any customer. This means that any time investment in part code analysis is stored and available for later use without the intermediate step to go to the MRP/ERP system first.

Only after receipt of a P.O. the part code can be defined in the MRP/ERP system with commercial, logistical and financial information and additional technical data can be entered in PACE. No unnecessary work is done, the work done is saved and there is no data pollution in other business processes!

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