The QuoteArchitect® modules overview

BOM processing or "The devil is in the detail!"

There is no room for error, reason why the QuoteArchitect production and material cost analysis go into great detail with a perfect BOM as the basis. BOMArchitect creates that perfect BOM.

Incomplete data must be collected from and unclear information must be cleared with the customer to avoid putting any effort into useless quoting activities. Once all details are complete and clear, the quoting process starts with the BOM review in BOMArchitect to check if all key part information for quoting is available.

Material cost analysis, lead times and economic order quantity (EOQ)

QuoteArchitect-MCA automatically calculates the total part quantities per part code based on the requested job size. It also considers per part code the related attrition which is the compensation for handling the spill, process rejects, repairs and services. Direct access is available to the MRP/ERP system as well as to selected vendor component databases via APIs in different scenario settings.

Definable stock and vendor scenarios execute automatic retrieval of information about available internal stock, vendor stock, factory lead times, part code prices, minimum and multiple order quantities (MOQ's) and additional costs for all automatically retrievable items in the BOM. Rest material value is calculated real time and a graph is generated to define the economic order quantity (EOQ) for the job.

Within seconds the operator knows exactly what the problematic part codes are. Filtering options make it possible to focus on relevant part codes and to find solutions for bad availability, part code alternates, single source or multi-source selections, et cetera.

The semi-automatic Request For Quote functionality enables an efficient process to issue RFQ’s for selected BOM items. A manual editing process allows for the entry of key cost data per selected BOM item from any available source.

Production, engineering and NRE costs analysis

QuoteArchitect-PCA supports the production engineer in a systematic pre-production analysis of the deliverables engineering services, NRE costs and selected workflow before running the "Costing engine". Based on the fully configurable "Virtual Factory" representing your production facility as a "digital twin" in great detail, the rules-driven "Costing engine" calculates the costs of the defined manufacturing flow for the job in real time, taking all relevant constraints into consideration. Within milliseconds a detailed production and test costs overview is generated, allowing to drill down every single cost item down to the underlying formulas.