QuoteArchitect® automates the quoting process for Electronics Contract Manufacturing.

  • - Satisfy your customers with fast and accurate quotations
    • Waiting for a quote for days or weeks is unacceptable for customers and prospects. Why not be the first supplier to provide a fast and accurate quote, thus setting your quote as the benchmark. <more>
  • - Dramatically increase your competitiveness and effectivity
    • A fast and balanced quote will increase your competitiveness. QuoteArchitect lets you stand out from the crowd as an efficient and professional supplier, while your existing customer base will highly appreciate your matchless quoting services.
  • - Lower your costs. Minimize your risks
    • QuoteArchitect significantly reduces your annual quoting costs. It also allows your quoting team to focus on relevant and important quoting issues to minimize your risks. Exactly knowing your costs allows your sales and account managers to negotiate on the razor’s edge from a position of strength.
  • - Be consistent. Stay independent
    • A fast, accurate and consistent quoting process takes the pressure off your quoting team as they can generate time and again consistent, reproducible and accurate quotes.